Vashon Island, WA

Purebred Kunekune Pigs

About Our Pigs

That's some pig!

East Island Farm Kunekune pigs, first developed by the Mauri of New Zealand, spend their days grazing on Vashon's Maury Island in the misty Puget Sound.

Graze?!?  I thought pigs rooted?

Not this pig . . .

These heritage breed pigs have very short snouts that are suited for grazing, not rooting.  They actually fatten on grass producing succulent, red (not white), marbled grass-fed pork.  

Charcuterie chef, BBQ pit master and family cook's delight!

The pig for us (and maybe you)

Kunekune pigs are easy keepers.  They are social, gentle and light on pasture and fencing.  Oh, and ridiculously cute!

Perfect pig for the diversified family farm.

Breeding stock and pork shares available.


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