2019 Litters

By our "muppet pig", Harvester - Tonganui X Jenny:

  • Isa (Sally X Ru) - March
  • Ruby (Rebecca Gina X Boris) - April
  • Lucy (Rebecca Gina X Ru) - May
  • Trixie (Trish X Ru) is due - June

By our own, EIF bred, Mack - Ru X Rebecca Gina:

  • BobbiJo (Jenny X Mahia Love) - April
  • Wednesday (Wilsons Gina X Boris) -  May

By Watson - Mahia Love X Jenny and son of Supreme Champion USA Bakewell:

  • Tilda (Tapeka X Ru) - May

By Willoughby - Whakanui X Jenny

  • Sia (Awakino X Ru) - July

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